Pricing + Services


Keynote Speaking $10,000/event

Corporate Speaking Training $6,000 for a Lunch & Learn

Group Speaker Training is $2,500/seat for a three month event offered in Tampa, FL

Private Speaker Training is $5,000 for 3-months of intensive training

on-site training would include all expenses to and from the clients selected venue to include per diem, travel, hotel from Tampa International Airport, FL



$10000/hour — As a keynote speaker I will develop and communicate the message that you have determined should be conveyed to your audience. Topics that I have covered over 35 years of speaking are widely varied and I have a tremendous repertoire to select from. My current specialties are Personal Development to Attain your greatest self; Corporate Culture to affect an organizations highest development; Great Managers are made not born - which develops the skills, confidence and personal growth so your people can great managers; Relationship & Communication that includes business relationship development, personal family relationship development, and romantic personal development.

I achieve success by coming to understand exactly what it is that your organization needs to communicate in my Keynote talk.

Corporate Speaking

Variable hourly rate —Corporate speaking/training varies on your companies objectives and our understanding of how that needs to be developed within your organization. Topics include communication skills, speaking skills, business organization, how to run effective meetings, leadership workshops, great managers are made not born workshops, bullying.

Lunch and Learns for personal development specialize in one topic at a time and last 35-60 minutes.

Other areas are designed for possible organizational improvement, classroom training sessions, management training sessions and workplace locations.

Group Speaker Training

$2500 per seat — This involves attending an event type setting where we will be immersed in substantial training methodologies. Many times we will be tearing apart old habits in order to create more effective habits. But these sessions will be locational and require 3-months of intensive instruction coupled with in class work, homework, and study in order to achieve the results the course was designed to offer.

Private speaker Training

$5000 Flat Rate — This instruction is designed for a speaker of moderate to extensive speaking experience. It is a 3 month class designed to teach all 25 topics needed to be effective for being a professional keynote speaker. It is in-depth and detailed and involves course learning, speech practice, speech delivery, video/audio training, stage movement, body movement, facial training to mention only a few areas that will be impacted in this 3-month/ bi-monthly training.

A three month/ 12 week interpersonal course designed to take you from novice speaker to good speaker or from good speaker to a great speaker.

One time in-person/zoom face to face meeting to talk you through the process of becoming a speaker who can make a living speaking to groups, organizations, companies. Then 1x every 2 weeks you will present a talk. (Not a speech. A speech is what those boring college graduation speeches are) Be evaluated, critiqued, and learn to enhance and improve your talk. You will be expected to complete 7 talks from 7 min to 45 min.
This course will teach you

1) how to create your own signature talk

2) how to define your market/niche

3) how to market to your perfect avatar

4) how your niche will make you a ton of money speaking

5) how to create a relationship with any sized audience or group.

6) how to tell stories using your experiences but their memories

And learn to use the 25 areas that will make your talk and your performance to help you grow a professional speaking business.