Experience and Information


Here are a few excerpts from talks I have given over the years and in many varied locations.


A speech to a Volunteer Organization with humor and appreciation. A good speech from Steve Sapato, humorist and motivational speaker, www.stevesapato.com



When you go out networking what is your goal for each event? Professional Business Networking works and can make you more successful if you know how to network. Most people think they know, now find out...



Alcohol: Demon Rum or Having Fun Part Two a talk to college students about using alcohol with fun and humor.



Mental Prosperity is your ability to succeed. It is the method that will lead you to new ideas, new insights and out of bad habits that have haunted you for years.



A seven minute excerpt from a four hour training about how to become a great negotiator.


I am Steve Sapato and I have been a speaker for over 30 years.

People ask me all the time how I got started. Simple, I was 26 years old and working in Sales for IBM Office equipment. My mother ran a women’s group and she called me up one day and said her speaker cancelled. I said, ‘what can I do about that?’

She told me, I was her speaker. Ever try to tell your mother no? Especially when she is in a bind?

I talked that night and many others for a free dinner. Then others invited me to speak and they even paid me. And off it went. Speaking, sharing, learning, growing and ten years later I was traveling throughout the Midwest speaking for $2500 for an hour and had all expenses paid.

That fee grew to $5000 and it had turned into a great living.

Then I got older and travel just wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be after 20 years and I took an offer to teach speaking at the college level and for seven years I taught college speaking. And what I really got a craving for was to teach the few students who got the fever to speak. They were excited, energetic and dedicated to learning to be better speakers.

That finally lead me to here and now and finding adults who want to be speakers or at least to be better presenters. And you are all so great about doing the work and putting in your time to be better presenters and speakers and I love helping you all become the speakers that you want to become.

Do you have a passion? Isn’t it great when you get to do that?

I hope you are reading this because you want to be a great speaker and are looking for someone who wants to help you.

I am that person.

God bless and let’s rock this!