Become a SpeakerTalks Speaker

What can a professional video do for you?

Have you ever wanted to impact the world with what you know? Or the message you have to share?

Would you like to be a professional speaker? Traveling across the country speaking, spreading your message, impacting thousands of people?

Being a celebrity or an expert changes how the world sees you. Celebrities and Experts demonstrate that status when they step onto a stage and are seen. What would it mean to add


award to your repertoire or put on your website?

Nothing makes you more visible than having a professional video that shows people your expertise.

Are you someone needing to be heard? Do you have a message to share? Are you a speaker needing a new video in order to get more gigs?

Would you like to travel, be hired, be sought after to be on peoples podcasts, stages and even TV and radio shows?

ONE THING can make that happen.

What makes someone a highly sought after celebrity?

What makes you the expert that everybody wants to hear speak?

What will make someone pay you $10,000 for every talk you give?

When you are the expert people want to hear you talk. And what makes people experts is that celebrity VIBE that people get when they see you UP FRONT.

How do you get to be that celebrity? SpeakerTalks.

Celebrity is something that you or someone else makes of you. A sports star isn’t a star until they cover them in the news, on the TV, and in their advertising. A person is not a celebrity, is not a movie star, until the media moguls promote them, highlight them, showcase them.

And that is why you should be a SPEAKERTALKS Speaker. You will be able to make yourself into a celebrity that others want to see, meet and hire to speak to their organizations.

Is that something you desire?

 This is the story you will tell.

We are seeking speakers for a 2-day event. Sharing their very best presentations, their most powerful messages to be professionally recorded and COMPETE for the Best Speaker In Tampa!

How much will that be worth to you? How life changing will you make it?

What will you do with your time on stage and your professionally recorded video that will make you the go-to person for your life?

Download and fill out our application for more information about how you can be the next emerging leader. (see above)

This event will change your life. Don’t miss it.

And one more thing - if you are selected as one of the best speakers at this event you could win Tampa’s BEST SPEAKER AWARD on the SpeakerTalks Stage!

Gather together with other leaders, speakers and upcoming celebrities who will meet in Tampa, FL in February 2020.

Come share your most powerful talk, your most impassioned message. Spend 15 minutes in front of a live audience on our SpeakerTalks stage and walk away with 15 minutes of raw footage that you will be able to shape into a message that will change your life and the lives of others.

Each participant will be able to learn from every other participant . There will be world class speakers who will share their speaking tips with you from the stage. And you will receive a packet of information, ideas and tips that will help propel your career to the places you want to be.

Our audience will be people interested in what you have to say and possibly hiring you to become a speaker. We will be promoting this to Event Planners, Venue Operators, Corporate Leaders, and speaker bureaus so this could be the break you have been wanting. And we are offering in this two days of speaking coaching.

We are not your typical event. We are not just offering you speaking training although that is a vital part of what you need to learn. But we are offering what other speaker events promise but never deliver! How to GET those speaking gigs.

You can spend $1500 and go to Las Vegas or $4000 and got to Atlanta where they promise to make you a BIG MONEY SPEAKER but you will walk away with them trying hard to sell you programs, websites, and ghost writers to help you design the perfect shell of a business. What you really need is a Professional Speaker Reel and the knowledge how to use it.

Two days filled with information, speaking coaching, speaker training from two great coaches. Come find out how to run a speaking business. How to get speaking gigs. This is your chance!

This is your SPEAKING OPPORTUNITY. Where else will you be able to be recorded professionally while you are speaking? Showcase it anywhere you want and need to in order to show people that you are the expert they have been looking for.

See application for details.

This opportunity comes with a professional evaluation (if you want it) on your initial submission where we will highlight specific areas that we think you might improve, thoughts and ideas to help improve your performance. (That alone is a $500 value.) Then it will come with two one-hour sessions of professional speaker coaching ($1000 value) as you desire it either before or after your performance to help you become the best presenter you can be. This coaching can be offered the day before the event at a private location with personalized coaching or after the event via Zoom or telephone. And the opportunity to be featured on The Happiness Agenda podcast to talk about your speaking, on the SpeakerTalks website as one of our highlighted speakers, and in our advertising for how our speakers succeed after using their talk to promote themselves to celebrity status.

There are thousands of people who call themselves speakers, but only a few hundred who have professional video to market and promote themselves.


You will need to complete the APPLICATION, observe all the details for submission, then submit your topic you are going to be presenting.. Please download and fill out your SPEAKER APPLICATION (located at the top of this page) and send to And if you do not have a website as a speaker you will need to submit a demo 2-minute talk as specified in the application.

We will be selecting the best speakers to invite for this event. Once you have been selected you will be sent an invite to speak. It will be at that time you will need to have your funds ready to submit with your acceptance for this event. First come first served - in other words, if you submit early you get to choose your speaking time slot from those available at the time of your submission.

More questions? Call Steve at 813-906-9197 and find out more about your life changing opportunity.

What makes someone an expert. Recognition. When someone recognizes you as the expert then others will too. And it is the experts and celebrities who make the great money and change peoples lives with their messages. You can so!

If you are not interested in applying there are hundreds of speakers who need this opportunity, please forward this link on to them. and help them change their life.

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