Speaking Is A Skill That Changes Everything

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Speaking is a skill that can change your personal life, your business life, your company. Speaking effectively changes your influence, your confidence, and your future. I have spoken for over 30 years, taught speech at the college level, and found many of the secrets on how people change their lives when they become a good speaker. Do you want to change your life? Do you want to be able to influence more people? Do you want to sell more than ever before? Do you want to be more liked and filled with confidence? Becoming an engaging speaker will change your life.

Hi! I am Steve Sapato and I have been a speaker for over thirty years. I have spoken across the country and for dozens of corporations and organizations.

Over the last several years I have noticed tremendous changes in how we as speakers are hired and the difficulty speakers are have in getting hired. It used to be word of mouth and referrals were the very best because so many companies went to the same events and conventions. This has changed and the number of event planners and meeting planners networking has changed.

Finding my fellow speakers and especially new speakers struggling to find those speaking gigs is what lead me to develop SpeakerTalks and also to create more extensive training so speakers understand what companies are needing when hiring a speaker.

I look forward to collaborating and helping you become more successful in your speaking career whether it is as a professional speaker of simply to help you be a more effective leader.

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Speaking changes lives.

Do you want the very best speaker training you can get?

You have reached the right place. Why? Because I care. Not just about you but I care that you will be one of my shining examples of how great someone can be as a speaker. I care that you will speak my name as a great speaking coach. I care that my reputation carries a value.

And I want you to know that I care about helping you become the very best because you will be important to me.

That means I will teach you not only about being a great speaker but I will teach you about all aspects of being a highly paid professional speaker.

We will talk about how you work ‘ON CAMERA’. How that differs from stage speaking. How you can build a speaker ‘sizzle reel’. and how to use it to get more speaking opportunities.

We will talk about how you present to the audience on stage and on video. The importance of the words you use, the angle of the camera, the lighting, the background.

What to say on your media, banners, pull up/pop-up and stage materials. How to position yourself to be the Go-To presenter that everyone else needs to meet and learn from.

COMPLETE training. When you are ready. Come train to become a SpeakerTalks speaker. Trained by Steve Sapato - the most famous unfamous speaker in America.


Do You Want To Make More Money Speaking

You can learn to be a great speaker at one of my conferences. Three full days of training where you will learn the tactics and techniques for engaging your audience. Learn how you will capture an audience so they will love you. Learn the techniques that make you memorable, likable, and powerful as a speaker. Come and attend

Do you want more Stage Time?

One of the biggest problems for speakers today is not getting professionally recorded. We may speak but getting a quality recording of the talk or event is almost impossible unless you can afford a professional audio/visual company.

Come talk at SteveTalks and get up to 15 minutes of stage time and get it professionally recorded so you can use all or parts of it to create the impressions you want.

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Be More Confident In Life

Most people want to influence more people. Do you? Would you like to know how to win any argument? Control any conversation? Be looked upon as the expert in your field? Learn the methods that will have people looking to you first for all answers, looking at you as the Go-To person for their questions.

Do You Want To Be Happier Every Day & Live the Life Of Your Dreams?

Most people seek happiness. We do not call it that. Some of us call it success. Some of us call it love. Some call it contentment, or peace, or relaxation. Whatever we call it, it is still something we want in our life. It is our goal. It is what drives us. What if you clicked here and found your happiness? and lived your adventure?

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Speaking for Your Event

Steve speaks on many topics. His keynotes are about happiness whether it be in your life, at your workplace or in your heart. He also speaks on “Leadership”, “How to Become A Great Manager”, “Communication for Success”, or “Communicating for Successful Relationships” for work or in your personal life.

He speaks with humor and excitement and involves the audience no matter the size by learning about each audience and their expectations for his talk.

Steve does not call his talk a speech because a speech indicates only one way speaking where a talk engages the audience in a two way conversation that involves, engages and entertains.

He teaches life changing methods so you can find, develop and grow into a happier, more productive and more successful individual.


When you have a message that needs to be heard, that will create an impact, and will be remembered, you must be an engaging speaker.

— Steve Sapato